What is BONUS card?
BONUSCARD is the card that makes your visits to CretaMarket even more profitable. Not a credit card , no expiration date and no subscription .



How do you get a BONUS card?
Simply fill out an application you'll find in all CretaMarket stores and get your card immediately. The card is ready for use. On your next purchase and every purchase onwords in your receipt you will find how many points you have accumulated.


How to use the BONUS card?
Win as many points as you can in the following ways :

  • For every 1€ your get 1 point
  • Purchasing selected products that you will find on the shelves of our stores marked BONUSCARD earn extra points. For these products will be updated every month from our brochures .

Example: If your account is 36,50 € and your shopping included 4 special offer products which offer you 20 points each, then:

  • You earn from your total 36 points
  • You earn from special offer products 80 points

Ie 36,50 € purchases earn 116 points bonus.

What BONUS card offers you?
Redeeming the points you collect you can get one of the gifts of
BONUSCARD booklet. Every gift needs a certain number of points shall be deducted from the card upon receipt of gift.

How do I see my points?
Every time you shop in stores CretaMarket and use the bonus card, shown on your receipt :

  • Points that correspond to the total bill
  • The previous total points

Where you can redeem your points?
Your points can only be redeemed at the store in which you have issued your card.